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The Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai (Shanghai Guangchang Jiating Jiudian) is located close to the Shanghai Metro Line 1 Xinzha Road Station,  one stop north north of People's Square,  which gives guests easy access to Metro Lines 1,  2 and 8.
Rooms and suites in this Shanghai hotel are all outfitted with LCD PC TVs and a Wi-Fi network covers the whole hotel.

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住客评论 3499条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • AirAngels
    Hotel alarm clock quiet, not far from Nanjing Road, next to the Metro, which is very convenient, just slightly smaller rooms, other facilities are good.
  • guidoaugusto
    Environment can also
  • tom555
    Nice hotel, few minutes from the subway to go to, be naozhongqujing. not far from Nanjing Road, you can go directly ... have repeatedly, and, as always, cost-effective.
  • ceiba
    Help friends book, okay! main road access!
  • anna2009
    High performance-price ratio
  • leming
    Was very close to people's square, not far from the pedestrian street of Nanjing Road, the environment is one such, in a little shop in an alley, what if tourism is also recommended
  • brendaamigo
    Room too small, others can also
  • e00177455
    Very good and excellent location, near people square metro station
  • cnpcxff
    Very good stay here next time.
  • linlim
  • freedomridge
    Very close to people's square, reasonable prices. Metro Line 1 line out to walk a few steps to the hotel.
  • bianliyun
    Simple clean! sat one subway stop to the people's square, the traffic is very convenient!
  • ygwloveycm
    Colleague often, and convenient transportation.
  • e03761070
    Location close to Metro, convenient, room poor, health General
  • flf021215
    Little hotel, in the city centre, the rooms are pretty spacious. price very high.
  • xianping
    Environment is also is some room air conditioning maintenance and infrastructure needs to be strengthened very good breakfast
  • A101212
    High performance-price ratio
  • e00439628
    Good location, price level in Shanghai is affordable, but my mother said the bed is not very comfortable
  • bottled
    Well ... convenient, quiet ... very good
  • GordonCao
    Price/performance is not high, mainly from the Nanjing Road near a point, room water problem.
  • annie611
    So, at the hotel alley.
  • leveret
  • carlyu-1
    Air conditioning broke in the Middle, it is muggy and hot, room service call but no one answers. the room is not clean. iron No.
  • godxfs
    Nice hotel, very clean, in an alley, quiet ... from the people's square, pedestrian street close to line Line 1 is nearby
  • wixlpiw
    Family travel with such a good environment is really good
  • doudou8
    I slept for three nights at the hotel, hotels are still satisfied with the breakfast is also very rich.
  • a8986457
    Simple hotel to be clean, location in the city center a bit cluttered alley hotel is simple and clean, location in the city center a bit cluttered alley hotel is simple and clean, location in the city center a bit cluttered alley
  • GeronimoLiao
    Hotel facilities good, impressed me most is that the breakfast is cold. Then the same price did not change room, too rigid hotels, many in need of improvement.
  • lixiaowei2007
    It's OK
  • fanfanly
    Nice hotel with good location
  • sivia
    Nice, easy to eat
  • fuji03553
    Hotel location was excellent, air conditioning is to force, but Wi-Fi connection is very slow, poor health than when staying 3 months ago ... OK is a service for good.
  • b0907
    This travel most success of hotel, location good, out is Metro Line 1 line, Nanjing Road walk 10 minutes on to, Bund taxi also on started price's! lobby is has grade, Elevator has room card, to arrived by live floors, compared security. room, of landing window big praise! desk, small's Taiwan, bathtub, shower between, wrote between, all are independent exists, design very reasonable! breakfast eat of also good! anyway live of is comfortable. next also will select!
  • cling999
    Very good! services room types and locations, be quiet! like high performance-price ratio!
  • Douraimon
    Room floor to force a window ^ _ ^ AC dripping eh. hotel for a whole day (can be solved well.)
    Hotel, rooms clean, fast check out
  • E04373265
    In General, price not high!
  • dearwll
    My girlfriend dirty. in floor tiles is bad, toilet, and hair, simply could not bear to look directly at it. changing the room didn't feel good enough to go. overall totally worth the price, it is better to add 100 to the Majesty
  • cbj12938
    All right
  • seow_ming
    Which is very nice!
  • e00163301
    Good location very close to Metro station square was very convenient
  • weiwei8979
    Breakfast was good enough to quiet
  • smilingcady
    Hotel of location in new gate road Metro mouth 6th, export opposite of small lane in, not too attention words, may suddenly find not to, new gate road 6th, Metro mouth walk to hotel industry on probably 5 minutes of away, also is compared convenient of. away from square also is near. hotel lobby compared bright and spacious, internal environment also good, we live of is 10 floor, WIFI signal also can, is not too stable, we live of room a door on on this sleep bed, bathroom and deskInstead in inside, somewhat not habits, no private sex. also has room noise bad, more exasperating of is early in the not know is hotel of that a layer in renovation, noise a, effect has I of weekend lazy sleep, no language has. online we room can also can heard next door of TV voice. bathroom is big, senior room has a is big of bathtub, wet and dry separation, has independent of shower between, but waterproof somewhat small problem, shower of when water infiltration to bathroom ground Shang has. breakfast of open time alsoVery long, but the breakfast kind of General. overall the price is a little on the high side.
  • e00006800
  • Emily1020
    Location good, Metro Line 1 line new gate road 6th, mouth about 5 minutes, Line 2 line square 7th, mouth 10 minutes, walk to March hospital also not is far, in a small alley in, big road of room somewhat car sound, small road of room on rarely has car through has. senior room bathtub, bathing, bathroom, wash around is separation of, bathing also has handheld spent sprinkled, using convenient, water is big, hot very fast. breakfast also good, West combined, also has variety fruit yogurt, Supply time is long. front desk reception response is quickly! bad of is network, 919 room of wireless and wired are slow have cannot Internet, especially guest long, night OK, first times encountered this bandwidth so of narrow, capacity so of small of hotel; addition ceiling Shang has a white round Board (heard is fire facilities, but not alarm) a night issued alarm clock Shang has clockwork Hou of voice, find has long only found this noise source, morning put it by has aboutSound before it disappeared. Anyway in addition to the network, other are not wrong, highly recommended!
  • scarey
    Liked the location, very close to the Metro, shopping, meals are not far away. room facilities are old, but the details are still hard, handy to use facilities, bed very comfortable. to Mordor, habitual choice
  • MerryMao
    It's OK
    Cost-effective and convenient transportation service is also good
  • eastmoon
    Facilities are somewhat old, still clean, and quiet!
  • dlban
    Set has two late business big bed room, didn't catch in retained time didn't to shop, temporary find has 4 floor of a between to I. a door is bed, again to in is bathroom, layout poor; white towel gray gray of; wash disc hot and cold water anti-has; network poor call to front desk, I words also didn't told finished on put I phone hanging has, live has a late decisive check out. 549 Yuan a late of price really worth!