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The Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai (Shanghai Guangchang Jiating Jiudian) is located close to the Shanghai Metro Line 1 Xinzha Road Station,  one stop north north of People's Square,  which gives guests easy access to Metro Lines 1,  2 and 8.
Rooms and suites in this Shanghai hotel are all outfitted with LCD PC TVs and a Wi-Fi network covers the whole hotel.

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住客评论 3452条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • Emily1020
    Location good, Metro Line 1 line new gate road 6th, mouth about 5 minutes, Line 2 line square 7th, mouth 10 minutes, walk to March hospital also not is far, in a small alley in, big road of room somewhat car sound, small road of room on rarely has car through has. senior room bathtub, bathing, bathroom, wash around is separation of, bathing also has handheld spent sprinkled, using convenient, water is big, hot very fast. breakfast also good, West combined, also has variety fruit yogurt, Supply time is long. front desk reception response is quickly! bad of is network, 919 room of wireless and wired are slow have cannot Internet, especially guest long, night OK, first times encountered this bandwidth so of narrow, capacity so of small of hotel; addition ceiling Shang has a white round Board (heard is fire facilities, but not alarm) a night issued alarm clock Shang has clockwork Hou of voice, find has long only found this noise source, morning put it by has aboutSound before it disappeared. Anyway in addition to the network, other are not wrong, highly recommended!
  • scarey
    Liked the location, very close to the Metro, shopping, meals are not far away. room facilities are old, but the details are still hard, handy to use facilities, bed very comfortable. to Mordor, habitual choice
  • MerryMao
    It's OK
    Cost-effective and convenient transportation service is also good
  • eastmoon
    Facilities are somewhat old, still clean, and quiet!
  • dlban
    Set has two late business big bed room, didn't catch in retained time didn't to shop, temporary find has 4 floor of a between to I. a door is bed, again to in is bathroom, layout poor; white towel gray gray of; wash disc hot and cold water anti-has; network poor call to front desk, I words also didn't told finished on put I phone hanging has, live has a late decisive check out. 549 Yuan a late of price really worth!
  • jerryfreesia
    Convenient rooms very clean
  • liudong0430
    Without reserving rooms, free upgrade to superior room hotel, thank you! check in and check out service in the lobby were very good and soon, buying fruits around by subway is convenient, lack of bathroom and sink are too old looking clean.
  • a_lvin
    Location is good should be said, I am feeling the holiday more convenient, transit way more, but very poor sound insulation of the room, flanked by someone's voice clearly audible inside the room. various room supplies cannot meet the 4 star standard.
  • c3wolf
  • bella1211
    It wasn't too bad
  • stevenliu815
    Square central position is very convenient
  • JIM light
    Hotel location is very good, very close to people's square. good breakfast, this basic hotel without breakfast in Shanghai, is also good. Hotel inside the alley, there is no noise ... and service was good.
  • bestery
    Shanghai is located in the city center, from people's square, Nanjing Road is very near!
  • angel_27
    Room was very clean, the surrounding environment is also very good
  • bridge625
    Good location
  • gguo88
    Service was very general, Sevens and prices
  • E01892234
    Hotel location is very good! portal has public transport by taxi is very convenient! room! also service is good! so future travelers will choose this hotel
  • DanielTang1
    Good f
  • bluemist1980
    Convenient, room small
  • morning2005
    It's OK, not bad
  • yiyimay
    Well, after traveling to stay, well, then travel to go live
  • sinyama
    Hotel, very comfortable to live in, very close to the Nanjing Road pedestrian street.
  • liudongli
    Location and environment deteriorating, outdated facilities, air conditioning, unable to service.
  • segreti
    Good location, walk from people's square in 10 minutes, but the hotel is old, the black mark on the wall looked disgusting, poor water, wallpaper is peeling, would consider staying again next time, in the hope of an early improvement!
  • wengxianyao
    Value is the location of other so-so
  • amy_gurit
    And security have unpleasant, apologized after an intern at the front desk, was a bit more comfortable, in short, as it is
  • abu21cn
    Good good good
  • apple850923
    This hotel in the price really isn't worth the
  • dingdingwd
    Great location near Xinzha road Metro station, high cost performance
  • cfcyx
    Metro Hotel and transportation is quite convenient.
  • ambergiraffe
  • tav111
    Nice hotel in the city center, convenient
  • BruceYu22
    Good location, the distance is close to the Nanjing Road and the Bund, hotels Xinzha road Metro, breakfast good
  • poppy1104
    In a quiet, Metro a, but the price is much lower than on Nanjing Road. environment.
  • lxddy0424
    Environment, after all, the quiet, the traffic is convenient, there is nothing to say.
  • AnnaSuu
    1 year ago once lived, this time a little disappointed. originally set is a Deluxe, Deluxe did not expect worse than superior. Low prices are not very 598, and cash back ... anyway, a little disappointed.
  • onlyyjm
    Value for money is very good!
    Health conditions of the General
  • e01094421
    Good location, 5 minutes walk to Huanghe road, there is a lot of food, next time you select here
  • cby822
    Location where convenient location quite good
  • e01801660
    Good colleagues in good location
  • dengjiejie0907
    This time do not know whether the reason is the special room, room didn't last well. written around the Windows of the room to the room is a fake Windows, Windows facing the hotel corridor, air ventilation
  • I.O.U
    Store is very quiet and traffic convenience, go out at 10 minutes to Nanjing West Road; Hotel is close to the Suzhou River, you can see the joy city across the River, away from the people's square 5 minutes ' walk, subway station 2 minutes, downstairs is the restaurant 24-hour supermarkets.
  • e04401239
    Surrounding the hotel is very old, when the hotel is quite big, and has no advantages except for the subway near
  • orionid2009
    Well, every time I lived
  • collinlee
    Facilities old room has walls get damp peeling, the room did not provide convenient bags. good location, easy to eat around ... check out 12 points early.
  • andyyaya
    A good environment, is mainly convenient everywhere
  • forest610
    Location didn't have classified as Center of Nanjing Road pedestrian street close to the facilities in General, general health condition, but the service very friendly
  • a*long
    First hotel night very quiet, traffic special convenient, out 10 minutes on to Nanjing West Road; hotel near Suzhou River, can saw River opposite of big Hyatt city; I reservation of big bed room, hotel front desk very enthusiasm of for I recommended has suite, layout for small couples;) most important of is front desk small girl of attitude let I is comfortable, PS; I is a is focused on service attitude of people! but has is had to said, room of phone is bad of, addition boil water of pot, that plugDesign does not make much sense because shorter lines, so I put the pot in the ground water. will continue to stay!