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Karte des Hotels
Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai, Es befindet sich an der 126 Xinzha Road, einem Handels-, Unterhaltungs- und Einkaufszentrum, in der Nähe Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Huaihai Road und People's Square;Nur wenige Schritte entfernt befinden sich das Shanghai Museum, das Grand Theater und die Konzerthalle. Es ist nur fünf Minuten von der U-Bahn-Station des People Square entfernt und der umliegende Verkehr ist bequem.
Es ist ein ausländisches Geschäftshotel, das von der kanadischen Hotelleitung Kingtown in China investiert und verwaltet wird.Das Hotel verfügt über alle Arten von exquisiten und komfortablen Gästezimmern mit einzigartigem Design und Humanisierung.Alle Zimmer sind mit Wireless-Netzwerk, Computer und TV-integrierten Geräten ausgestattet, um perfekte Unterstützung für Unternehmen zu bieten.
Das Hotel ist auch mit westlichen Restaurant, Café, Fitness-Club, große Bankettsaal, Konferenzraum und anderen unterstützenden Einrichtungen ausgestattet, ergänzt durch High-Tech-Unterstützung, um eine hochwertige Residenz für Sie zu schaffen.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Wie weit ist das Hotel vom Pudong International Airport Shanghai entfernt?

    Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai ist 32.7km vom Flughafen entfernt.

  • Bietet das Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai einen Abholservice?

    Nein, das Hotel hat keinen Abholservice.

  • Wie lauten die Check-in und Check-out Zeiten im Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai?

    Check-in Zeit ist ab 12:00, und Check-out Zeit ist bis 14:00 im Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai.

  • Hat die Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai einen Pool und das Fitnessstudio?

    Das Hotel verfügt über einen Fitnessraum, aber keinen Swimmingpool. Erfahren Sie Einzelheiten zum Pool und anderen Ausstattungen auf dieser Seite.

  • Hat die Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai ein Restaurant vor Ort?

    Ja, Sie können im Hotel essen.

  • Hat das Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai Breitband oder Wifi?

    Ja, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Rezeption.

  • Akzeptiert das Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai eine Vorauszahlung?

    Ja, bitte geben Sie die Bestellung vor der Kontaktaufnahme mit uns ein.

  • Akzeptiert das Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai Kreditkarten?

    Nein, das Hotel akzeptiert keine Kreditkarten.

  • Wie viel kostet das Frühstück des Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai?

    Frühstück CNY58 / Person.

  • Wieviel kostet der Aufenthalt in der Kingtown Riverside Hotel Plaza Shanghai?

    Die Preise beginnen bei CNY349, Dies hängt vom Zimmertyp und dem Datum ab.

Bewertungen Mehr
  • luoluo0579
    The location of the hotel is good, the Bund is not far away, and the sanitary conditions are general
  • steven_up
    The overall feeling is good. It's convenient to eat around
  • a532566527
    It's close to the urban area and the environment is average
  • axyf123
    Yes, it's easy to find line 1. It's quiet in the middle of trouble, and you can see the Suzhou River
  • vivianlee0516
    Bang Ding
  • Aurora8513
  • delaynomore
  • liuyn1
    Very good ~ the location is super good, but the price is a little expensive~
  • sammyliujun
    It's a nice place. I'll stay here next time
  • e01724091
    Quiet in prosperity, high cost performance, meticulous service, slightly small room area
  • sb1104
    not bad
  • iamten
    The sanitary environment of the hotel is very good, very satisfied, but the traffic is not very convenient
  • dn6527582
    not bad
  • sivia
    It's a little biased. It's inconvenient to eat
  • MT1392
    The environment is very good
  • nasrin1017
    It's OK. The location is quite good. It's close everywhere. The sound insulation is not good
  • LLPYJJ0701
    Very close to line 1, considerate service, recommended!
  • cjc0622
    Health is a problem
    Song Jiang, Lu Junyi, Wu Yong, Gong Sun Sheng, Guan Sheng, Lin Chong, Qin Ming, Hu yanzhuo, Hua Rong, Chaijin, Li Ying, Zhu Tong, Lu Zhishen, Wu Song, Dong Ping, Zhang Qing, Yang Zhi, Xu Ning, Suo Chao, Dai Zong, Liu Tang, Li Kui, Shi Jin, Mu Hong, Lei Heng, Li Jun, Ruan Xiaoer, Zhang Heng, Ruan Xiaowu, Zhang Shun, Ruan Xiaoqi, Yang Xiong, Shi Xiu, Xie Zhen, Xie Bao, Yan Qing, Zhu Wu, Huang Xin, Sun Li, Xuan Zan, Hao Siwen, Han Tao, Peng Xiang, Shan Tingxiang, Wei Dingguo, Xiao rang, Pei Xuan, Ou Peng, Deng Fei, Yan Shun, Yang Lin, Ling Zhen, Jiang Jing, LV Fang, Guo Sheng, an Daoquan, Huang fuduan, Wang Ying, Hu Sanniang, Bao Xu, fan Rui, Kong Ming, Kong Liang, Xiang Chong, Li Gung, Jin Dajian, Ma Lin, Tong Wei, Tong Meng, Meng Kang, Hou Jian, Chen Da, Yang Chun, Zheng Tianshou, Tao zongwang, Song Qing, Le he, Gong Wang, Ding Desun, Mu Chun, Cao Zheng, Song Wan, Du Qian, Xue Yong, Shi en, Zhou Tong, Li Zhong, Du Xing, Tang long, Zou yuan, Zou run, Zhu Fu, Zhu GUI, CAI Fu, Cai Qing, Li Li Li, Li Yun, Jiao Ting, Shi Yong, Sun Xin, aunt Gu, Zhang Qing, sun erniang, Wang dingliu, Yu Baosi, Bai Sheng, Shi Qian, Duan Jingzhu. Waiting for 108 people feels great
  • goddnes1103
    The hotel's geography is very good. I upgraded the superior room. They said that the special room I booked had a small bed! The room is very good, very satisfied!
  • GordonCao
    The cost performance is not high. It's a little closer to Nanjing Road. There's a problem with the water in the room.
  • e00234855
    Good location, convenient travel.
  • axuion
    It's still very convenient to go to the hotel by subway. It's very close to the pedestrian street of Nanjing Road, so the location is very good. There are many restaurants near the hotel. It's convenient to eat and listen. I hope to check in again next time.
  • muran888
    The location is very good. It takes three minutes to get to the hotel from exit 6 of Xinzha Road subway. It's actually very close to where you go. But the room is very small, and the sanitation is not very good. There is a layer of white on the sofa in the room. I don't know what it is. And the sound insulation of the room is not good. We can hear the TV next door in our room. Breakfast was OK. The opening hours of breakfast were also very long. Generally speaking, it was pretty good.
  • jing_x
    The environment of the hotel is good, but the sound insulation effect of the room is average. I don't sleep in the middle of the night next door, so I can hear it clearly
  • bg4jfe
  • cyndav
    Cost effective! pretty good!
  • e00017244
    Good location. It's very close to Nanjing Road. It's convenient to take the subway. There is no parking lot in the hotel.
  • mxb981118
    The room is a little small and clean
  • LFIP68
    It's pretty good for a hotel at this price
  • yuyu0614
    Personally, I think it's very good. I often travel here
  • fuji03553
    The location of the hotel is good, the air conditioning is very powerful, but the Wi Fi connection is very slow, and the hygiene condition is worse than when I checked in three months ago. Fortunately, the service attitude is OK
  • lingling1105
    From the front desk to the cleaning auntie in the hotel??, Especially the one who sweeps the 11th floor and works from Monday to Friday. He is particularly responsible. The front desk service is considerate. The hotel has a good location and good environment. I will stay in this hotel when I come to Shanghai. I'm very satisfied.
  • big apple
    The hotel is relatively old, surrounded by old urban areas, which is generally OK
  • joy_cjw
    It's not bad, but the refrigerator is cold
  • d01012665
    The location is very good, close to the subway station. But it's not easy to take a taxi. The front desk service was very poor. She called and asked her to send something to her room. She said she wasn't free and had to go to the front desk to get it by herself. Twice, both the same. There are some blood stains on the quilt. Feels dirty. I hope the hotel will change
  • Mansa
    Good choice. It's cheaper to order early. But there was a bad smell in the room
  • sivyerft
    Line 1 has convenient transportation
  • ylwell
    Not even a parking lot! inconvenient! Hygiene needs to be improved!
  • Jardel
    The location of the hotel is great. It's very close to Nanjing Road, the subway station and good hygiene. It's my second stay. I'll book it in Shanghai in the future
  • a0066123
    No more check-in. The hotel is too old, the facilities are poor, the hygiene is not good, the refrigerator in the room is useless, and the two women comrades in the downstairs coffee shop have a very poor attitude. They can't bear it. They directly say that the guests are very upset. I don't know if this attitude is pursued by the hotel. Once an old guest, he will never check in again.
  • ninjanan
    It's a good place to live here on business. It's really close to the subway station, so it's convenient to go there. It's also good for tourists. They can get to Nanjing Road in 5 minutes
  • llydiadan
    Nice hotel
  • jiaxin_fang
    Yes, I've lived several times
  • jerrywu1997
    ok and convenient
  • caltexcc
    The room is small, the pattern is strange, and the cost performance is a little low. General geographical location. It's said that the small alley was transformed into a small hotel. It's OK overall. I'll stay here next time.
  • anlong
    Very good!
  • taia5989
    Colleagues always go here on business
  • dangmb
    It's OK, but the breakfast is very bad. I suggest you don't live in a room with breakfast. You can eat steamed buns nearby
  • come_
    Why is there no restaurant downstairs? It tastes very good