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Chongqing new han hai Marine park and national 4 a grade scenic spot

Date: 2020-10-25

Scenic spots outbreak period

On October 20th, chongqing culture and tourism development committee's official website announced that by the chongqing tourism scenic area quality grade evaluation committee assess, chongqing han hai Marine park, stalagmites mountain scenic area in chongqing, chongqing metro HuiLong scenic area, chongqing three gorges immigrants memorial hall, the zhuang zhongxian white male shrine wenbo scenic area, the three gorges on the top of the chongqing fengjie formally approved by the national 4 a level scenic spots.Chongqing han sea Ocean Park is located in banan lung chau bay, is set to eat, travel, tour, shopping, entertainment for the integration of high quality large Marine theme park.Ocean Park opened the rainforest hall, two elements of the ocean pavilion pavilion, pavilion to visit the area of 23000 square meters, displaying biological hundreds of species, a total of more than 50000 tail.Chongqing stalagmites mountains scenic perennial QingLuan jade green, mist, such as tea, organic kiwi demonstration garden of hearts characteristic park for tourists.Southwest chongqing metro HuiLong village scenic area, enjoy the "first village" reputation, is a set of intact ancient building combined courtyard courtyard type, integrating residence, ancestral hall, defense, belong to the qing dynasty in east sichuan region typical castle manor buildings, garden pavilions are DiaoLiangHuaZhu, color painting, paint.Chongqing three gorges immigrants memorial hall is the only for the engraving of the three gorges project and one million big immigration this major historical events, carry forward the spirit of the three gorges immigrants, immigration culture and build a comprehensive museum.

Chongqing zhongxian white male shrine wenbo scenic area is located in zhongxian yuxi river bank, the scenic area covers an area of 150 mu, is composed of white male temple scenic area and loyal state museum.From chongqing, 202 km away from downtown, is an important historical cultural attractions and gold in the three gorges tourism belt synthesizes nationwide loyal culture tourism.Chongqing three gorges on the top of the scenic spot is located in the Yangtze river three gorges, fengjie for du fu "red a white salt every day, pick up the hill LvYan fills the air.In maple other painters, after the splendid suspension "heavy floor named verse, mainly contains the treasure, qutang gorge scenic resorts, etc.In addition, the announcement also shows that chongqing jiang and source of the scenic spot, the ski resort, chongqing fengjie a thatched dam home village tourist area, chongqing peng peng weeks Laurence family tuo miao fishing scenic area scenic area, chongqing peng spring water reach the standard of national aaa level scenic spots, approved as the national 3 a level scenic spots.