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Hotel xi increase customers look forward to the New Year have a harvest

Date: 2018-09-23

Gao Tiexi Kowloon station opened tourism potential, the hotel near the station area has become big business.Is located in Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui He Ruijian hengfeng hotel general manager, an interview with the Hong Kong newspaper wen wei Po said very much looking forward to the high-speed rail for hotel industry brought new opportunities, believe that will attract more second - and third-tier cities in mainland tourists, but in the short term is difficult to see results, "requires a quarter, such as hope that next year the New Year, Chinese New Year has the harvest!"

He Ruijian pointed out that the current hotel customers from guangdong province, adjacent to Hong Kong, believes that in the short term is difficult to reverse the inertia of vehicle usage, instead of the high-speed rail will attract places the such as guangxi passenger, "because they had way more turn to port, now has a high iron is very convenient, a ride to the", in the industry expect high iron will increase customers.The long run, he said, referring to the high-speed rail are helpful to the hotel industry, but expect to make ticket selling and booking arrangements, in order to attract more mainland tourists from Hong Kong.                

In Hong Kong and the mainland have rich international hotel group reply query Hong Kong newspaper wen wei Po said the high-speed period of Hong Kong direct site involves the national high-speed rail network routes, both meet the needs of the Hong Kong people north work and travel, also for mainland urban residents along the Hong Kong business or travel convenience.

Volvo spokesman renewal refers to the international hotel group, have high iron directly to 19 cities, and with the local market main tourism to promote the products and product packaging to open up new markets;With industry partners launched high iron swimming accommodation offers.The spokesman added that the group's official website launched by the high iron accommodation are favorable for the theme, borrow  high-speed network, create more business opportunities.

Shao Guhui: help retail market

Wholesale and retail, said legislators Shao Guhui local retail spending is 35% from outsiders, and accounts for a larger proportion of mainland tourist, believe that the high iron opening will stimulate the mainland individual travel spending power, help in retail market.He said, now a trade war with China bring business unstable atmosphere, the high-speed opening and will enable the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge "is just", I believe I can balance the retail development.