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Hotel is travel destination: local characteristics, high level of appearance, can take photos as a young man 'to be bestowed favor on newly

Date: 2019-07-18

Hotel tourists travel a third of the time, how to choose the suitable hotel is one of the most important choice travel, young people demand for hotel is becoming more and more.

According to "2019 released ctrip hotel list by word of mouth", after the 95 in the eyes of the hotel need to have local characteristics, the high level of appearance, can take pictures.

Travel can be differentiated lifestyle experience.Unlike be fond of standardization, economic chain of the older generation, young visitors came to the strange city after 95, advocate "the hotel is a travel destination", hope to live in distinctive hotel.Combined with massive real guest comments, and more than 10 million ctrip users vote, ctrip finally refined hotel features of each city, select the hotel list by word of mouth "2019".

Shanghai hotel tags, for example, is "amorous feelings of the old villa of the republic of China".To live in peace hotel is the same as in former glamour, experience, Shanghai old city touch "of the republic of China customs, unique design style of octagonal hall".

Sanya's label is "change a way to see the sea".In Atlantis hotel clock in 34 water world chute, MGM hotel in yalong bay, play "surfing" land, "private area" in Eddie Johnson hotel and lovers whisper, features into play.

Chongqing is the focus of the "night at web celebrity is great reward.In HongYa hole hotel "headrest liangjiang, cliff but sleep", in sheraton hotel "frontline jiang jing, surveying the landscape" in chongqing, live in the hotel you equal to get red scenic spots.

Xi 'an silk road starting point, the tag is "ten dynasties ancient capital".W hotel in xi 'an becomes datang, and in the south gate and flower S hotel "never leave home to see towering ancient city wall", changan complex implant tourists experience.

"In the real guest comments on ctrip mass, big screen data we collect the high-frequency words, as a list of" why "."Ctrip hotel, said an official with the list of word of mouth to do the hotel list, is the "subtraction", aimed at reducing residents perception threshold, unqualified show exclusive hotel properties.Each hotel on the list, only 100 words concentration profile.Guest can read 1 SEC hotel features, quick to judge.

Ctrip list depth expansion: cover "niche" city will live hotel

A total of more than 600 cities in China, and ctrip "2019 list of word-of-mouth, has covered more than 400 cities, than in previous years, ranking of 330 new cities, contains never cover three or four line city before.

This means that ctrip "2019 hotel list by word of mouth", in the domestic high star hotel covering power, deep level, to beat.Ctrip word of mouth, said an official with the list on the hotels are samsung (drill) to the five-star hotel (drilling).Ctrip to keep the traditional advantage of high star hotel for many years, this time more in the domestic many provinces of remote, landscape beauty, make the depth of cover.

Ctrip "2019 hotel list by word of mouth", "" One Belt And One Road along the provinces, such as gansu, jiayuguan, dunhuang, jiuquan, zhang ye, qinghai xining, become a new member.After 95 young people love the "niche" graduation travel destination, such as the Tibetan capital Lhasa, nyingchi;Xinjiang kashgar, turpan, hami, receive into the list.Summer tourists like to see south prairie.Baotou, Inner Mongolia, manchuria, wulanchabu, tgo, etc, are on the list.In view of the "version" love sichuan, even added 24 cities, including bilateral, daocheng, kangding, leshan, zigong, etc.

As in previous years, visitors to the "niche" destination clock in, facing the high star hotels are hard to find, difficult to order.This year, ctrip list of word-of-mouth after 5 months of big data filtering and user vote, as summer high star hotels will live guide.