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To find a hotel and art concomitant to sleep

Date: 2014-10-08

A hotel can offer customers the best service is what? Impeccably hardware facilities, good housekeeper type service, amazing food taste buds... Believe that each person has a different answer. The guest, but if you are a kind of art complex memories that will make a better place in the hotel's art scene, is the best service. And there is always so some with art hotel, attract you and the statue.
Club Med resort guilin has the landscape design of art, like nature itself a ink-wash painting and the surrounding environment.
In dense landscape paintings
Club Med in guilin on holiday hotel
Encounter art sculpture landscape of the village
A hotel can offer customers the best service is what? This problem if let the flashy hotel Alicia in answer, she will be in inside and outside the hotel that will make memories become beautiful scene as the answer.
Guilin Club Med apparently well suited to complete the answers. 46 hectares of guilin landscape, and integrated into the natural landscape of 150 art sculpture, is a private hotel "secret garden". Garden site is Taiwan celebrities corry cao chapter "fools from paradise". 114 a sculptor, he invited 25 countries spend more than 10 years created hundreds works, including the French artist Robert Pirrestiger, German artist Eberhard Eckerle works of the people. You can stroll to the landscape, experience with art sculpture of interest. Club Med also invited French designer Marc Hertrich more works of modern design, landscape and form a new guilin landscape artistic conception diagram, with the words of pop described is the "modern Chinese wind".
Guilin itself is a picture of the best Chinese landscape picture scroll, "flow" qianshan mountain ring wild state, monohydrate city of historic landscape, has been quietly waiting for you, but if you want to through the gorgeous embroidery curtains and dazzling crystal lamp to enjoy it, just have a little puzzled amorous feelings. At Club Med, which encourage you to be close to the intention of the landscape everywhere.
Club Med resort on guilin guilin local characteristics for the design inspiration of guest room, let a person find themselves the landscape
Through the hotel, the visible red pillar of Chinese style style lobby, through a panoramic view of be born glass curtain wall, modern picture of guilin landscape painting at the moment. Slightly arched the left side of the hill, is a sparse of forest, the landscape are some of the winding path divided into sections of strewn at random have send, together with the eyes of modern sculpture are reflected in the waters near the pond, suitable for contemplation, to move forward is more welcome.
Into the woods, also can see below shade strewn at random place with blue and white dichromatic chairs or double beds, that's right, is a double beds, convenient to stop at any time, sucking on a few fresh air, quietly read a book, or even empty in the sun for a while. Get up, will find that side of the earth that a few stones was also an art sculpture.
If have enough quiet, go deep into the woods again, there is a meditation, no matter who comes here, all can't make a sound, is still enough? When I do, can go to the hidden in the woods of sports venues, experience the trapeze artists and true rock climbing. Ride the bicycle, can even through the hotel directly to the local village, to explore riding a while.
A trip for say stop
A said come away to travel, needs a young heart; And a trip for say stop, there is a need to stay on too many requirements. Not like most of the high-end hotels with luxurious decorate a style, Club Med more is to use their own holiday around the style and cultural integration brings joy to the person.
Hotel to guilin local characteristics for the design inspiration of the "court" series of rooms, there are the subject of Chinese red room, or in the local ethnic minorities clothing blue-green theme room for inspiration. Whole nature is tonal and dark wood decoration has kept the lightness of resort hotel, guilin landscape theme of Taiwan artists hand-painted picture, let a person moment in the landscape of the illusion.
Don't like the same room, holiday village, "xia" series of 46 room with a different style, and artists in modern China, modern, karst caves, bluegrass, and forrest gump sculpture for inspiration, created the different "guilin" style of the room.
Out of the room and public area for the occurrence of "memories". The restaurant here, let eat also becomes is not simple. Lotus Chinese restaurant with a few people at the gate of high metal sculpture as a Lotus leaf, food is also a creative dishes; Mongolia theme let people in an instant across that terrace barbecue is especially suitable for summer night. Atelier activity center will hold various topics activities every day, all Chinese lanterns and large cage are strewn at random discretion to decorate throughout the space, the window and see, is the waterfall cascades down from the mountain and swimming pool, the woods. If you through the morning walk in the woods, is likely to be straying into a jungle African desert, or into a few meters theme sculpture, let a person feel the dream is not yet as the morning mist dissolved.
Can keep visitors, and GO in the hotel, they are service personnel, and is not only the service personnel. When you encounter a stranger in the garden, and don't be so quick to refuse to GO whether at work or rest, will warmly greet with you, all your questions. If you have GO to with you together in a restaurant, don't be wrong, according to the regulations of the village, they must also accompany the guest takes a seat at the dinner table. But if you just want to quiet a quiet can be easy to refuse, you promised a person, sometimes sat a heap of GO, you will find this is rejected by other unsuspecting visitor, take the initiative to find you the "rice".