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Date: 2014-09-19

The heat like sauna day mood let very not easy look forward to the weekend, where to relax become annoying problem, even become more worrying than working day at the weekend. Recently, the reporter from ctrip, elong website reservation to, many high star-rated hotels in first-tier cities weekend than usual discount one thousand yuan or so, instead of fighting with the weather, be inferior to choose a distinctive hotel, give yourself a laid-back, the nice weekend.
Is designed to close service
To Shanghai, do not forget to go to xintiandi, turn a turn, because here the "Shanghai". Traditional shikumen lane and modern fashion buildings blend each other, from yesterday to today, it is a documentary about the life in Shanghai. 24 Shanghai xintiandi lang court hotel building nature is also one of the typical buildings here, this is chosen in this weekend break.
The first to jump into the eyes "pinky" tell you to the hotel, like twin sisters, langham and art designers will wring to let the hotel public area is different. Here, for example, "Alice in wonderland" scenario design to the location of the reception desk, both new and improved the illicit close sex. Every layer of elevator waiting area will put different shapes of art, enjoy taking photos to miss the elevator was normal.
Rooms regardless of color or design are simple and easy, let a space be spread out as much as possible. To speak of the langham deepest impression to the person, or just the details. Returned guest room at 10 PM and friends party, under the desk lamp of the head of a bed with a "life's sayings" sticky notes, where the above statements like read, don't remember, but at the moment of mood is very stick. Blunt a hot bath, found that the valve position also changes the traditional on the nozzle at the bottom of the design, but is installed in the shower door on the right hand side wall, a side if you want to keep cool water and then take off your clothes, don't have to worry about to open the valve completely water will splash into the body. I wash up, lounging on the big bed, while the house lights were blazing in every corner, but see bedside table within reach of two rows of graphic clearly marked control panel, in both English and Chinese at once two legs steady.
Sleep to nature to wake, pull open curtain, xintiandi district already bustling crowd outside the window, quietly watching the noise of the city, suddenly, zhu zi-qing's "lively is theirs, I what also have no." Leap out of it, not sad, but was a state of mind.
The story of Shanghai
As a high-end boutique hotel, intercontinental hotels group each a inti lattice in telling the story of his/her appointed area. Located in the bund shiliupu inti, the bund hotel Shanghai is no exception. More than 180 guest rooms, each after a personalized design, these two elements and river and the wharf has been cleverly set into a corner of the hotel.
The early shiliupu pier boat once standing, distributes the shipping business is also developed in this area. Walked into the lobby, with board carve streamlined metope is like a turbulent river huangpu river, and the front desk is in the "river water", in the form of two cage sofa street life, suggesting the charactizing a fine spring day. Are written on floor information through the lobby, on the left side of the "iron wall" has attracted attention, it is stylist will take apart a decommissioned Shanghai riverboat, after cutting the restructuring, the hull fragment as vulture act the role ofing embedded in the walls, in order to record history.
In the impression of many people, old Shanghai is a thriving city, actually otherwise. From the lobby to the guest room, the smell of old Shanghai seems to be a little bit back, such as hanging on the wall of corridor to "stand feet" and other old Shanghai business as the background, the carpet is a symbol of the city structure map design. Guest room will give vent to the local conditions and customs of old Shanghai, the murals show that yu garden landscape of the head of a bed, and the echo is a traditional Chinese wedding bed for design inspiration tent berth and folk wind cloth pillow, on both sides of the asymmetry of the ark of the head of a bed separately using the different modelling different colored lantern type lamps and lanterns. Lying in bed, as if to live in the original old Shanghai people. The charm of Shanghai in the night, of course, not only confined to the room, hotel could see the night of the huangpu river terrace bar, drinking a small glass of wine a again as if return from yesterday to today.
Escape in the city life
Lujiazui finance &trade zone, north bund, with rows of skyscrapers and the bund buildings over the huangpu river, Shanghai bund banyan tree is settled on this. At dusk, point a cup of cool and refreshing summer drink, invited friends to come to the hotel's roof tops open bar, imagine a tall building in the busy, on the other side is can look at the river leisurely talking gossip, happiness index immediately rise several times.
Built in the busy city of banyan tree will give a person with the slow life "in the" quick rhythm feeling, the hotel the whole style is rural wind, by the simple line of water, stone, bamboo and sense the outline of the artistic conception of zen flavour is dye-in-the-wood, no distinct edges, no more resplendent and magnificent interior. Body just to, the heart has far. The isolation, remove fatigue. Night, turn off the lights, pull open curtain, put the body into round tub river, the river ships coming and going, and on time I'll slip from under the eyes, but don't let a person feel regret.
Came to the banyan tree, must not miss the banyan tree spa, lighting, music and sweet atmosphere with fingertips kneading, a perfect combination of holiday experience. All follow, is the best.