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The castle hotel: European aristocrats enjoy life

Date: 2014-12-12

Travel without accommodation, some people like the standard hotel, enjoy all programmatic services, fraction can not bad;Also some people like night at home, to experience the local customs, experience life;And, of course, a kind of person, they shall place, not only have a standardized service, the enjoyment of luxury, also do not break the local climate characteristics.These chic hotel, because of its style, hide everywhere in the world.Below small make up together, and experience of the world's most chic these hotels.
Travel to Europe, how can you resist the castle hotel?As a microcosm of the finest European culture, the castle hotel is not only the local culture of the temple, more important is that you can experience one do noble feeling.The existing many European castle hotel, is the property of the declining aristocracy before.Some mergers and acquisitions to overhaul by others within the building set the castle hotel.